24-Chromosome image

PGT - A '24-Chromosome Screening'

PGT-A allows for the screening of embryos during In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in order to identify abnormalities in the chromosomes caused by aneuploidy. It screens all 24 chromosomes for aneuploidy, increasing your chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy and decreasing your risk of miscarriage by identifying embryos with the healthy number of chromosomes.

Couples have chosen to complete 24 - Chromosome Screening in the following circumstances:

 Interest in Gender Selection

 Improving success rate of IVF & reducing risk of Miscarriage: More than 60% of failed IVFs & pregnancy loss are caused due to the aneuploidy of embryos.

 Male Infertility:Male infertility factors, such as low quality sperm, less motile sperms have been linked with an increased rate of¬†aneuploidy.

 Concern for Chromosomal abnormality:In cases of a previous pregnancy involving aneuploidy or to reduce the risk of trisomy.

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