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Dubai: The Land of Possibilities - IVF treatment for - Baby Boy | Gender Selection | Family Balancing.

Dubai is one of the most visited destinations in the world and is now fast emerging as a Fertility Tourism Destination especially for Gender selection through In vitro fertilization IVF.

  • The Family balancing process through IVF treatment is a legalized procedure by Dubai Health Authority, closely monitored and supervised to ensure highest quality processes.

  • World renowned Indian IVF doctors in Dubai with benchmark success rates.

  • No language, socio-cultural barrier. Dubai has such a cosmopolitan vibe to it due to the high expat population from countries all over the world that you will find one of your own in the blink of an eye, even within the vast community of healthcare providers.

  • Easy Air connectivity from all the major metro cities in India to Dubai. Direct Daily Flights are available from all metro cities of India.

  • State of the art technology & equipment with best genetic diagnosis, pre natal diagnostic techniques and fertility clinics.

  • On an average, 20 patients from India arrive in Dubai every month for ivf cycles, conception and pre natal diagnosis, genetic testing, assisted reproduction, gender selection-specific genders-baby boy though IVF.

  • IVF Clinics in Dubai have one of the highest success rates across the world resulting in a major footfall of patients from India.

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